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MRO spotted Perseverance (in the yellow circle) on Feb. 26, 2022.


Ingenuity Mars helicopter weighs less than 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms) and its rotors run about 4 feet, or 1.2 meters, from tip to tip. In other words, it’s small. That dainty size didn’t stop NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter from spotting the plucky rotorcraft down on the surface. 

On Thursday, the at both Ingenuity and the Perseverance rover from the spacecraft’s vantage point up in orbit. If you want a challenge, you can on your own.


Yep, that little dark smudge is the Ingenuity Mars helicopter as seen by MRO in late February 2022.


The both robotic explorers to help us pick them out from the rocks. The helicopter appears as a small dark dot. The rover is about the size of a small car, so it’s a bit easer to find. MRO snapped the view in late February.

The image is also notable for Kusen Aluminium Bekasi the landscape surrounding the rover, which HiRise team member described as “the fractured bedrock of what mission scientists are calling the Máaz Formation, thought to be of igneous (volcanic) origin.” 

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