[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hello everyone my name is vape chilla your average binoy vapor viewer and today I’ll be teaching you how to ghost boo my goal is to teach you how to do it so that you’ll get it in moments the joys that I’ll be vaping on today is called Custer rune by unli puffs this is honestly on one-of-a-kind juice I’ve never tasted anything like it you can find this juice at buying wholesale vape products rebranded quest so make sure to get it while stocks last alright let’s learn so there’s three steps to the ghost there’s the inhale the release and the capture the inhale is the most important part mainly because it’s not just regular vaping and by that I mean it’s not straight to long hits for example don’t do this with the ghost you do a mouth to long hit just like a cigarette for example [Music] however there’s something different about this you don’t send it to your lungs about a vapor chilla I don’t know how to do mouth to long I don’t smoke well let me show you the easiest way it’s just like sucking on a straw where you pull the liquid up through the straw and just keep it in your mouth for example my mouth when doing the ghost you can almost see that it comes out in a very smooth ball shape but the most common mistake I see people do is that they exhale it out no no what do you actually do is you sort of push it out of your mouth look at what I mean I am NOT exhaling if I were to exhale it would look like this if you exhale it out it’s not gonna be as thick and it won’t look as good so the technique for doing this is you literally open your mouth and close it that’s it but the thing is you need to have a bit of control let me do a ghost without any vape at all [Music] see how my mouth moves it literally just opens and close closes slowly though and by closing your mouth slowly it makes the ghost thicker and doesn’t spread out too much so here’s a little practice [Music] too fast too slow just right now finally on to the last part the capture so after you’ve released the ghost you’re gonna want to capture it back again and how you do that depends on how you want it to look there’s two ways really quick or a little slow here’s really quick here’s really slow personally I like the slower one because it looks cooler how do do this is really simple all you have to do is just suck it in that’s right suck it if you want it fast you open your lips wide if you want it slower you’re gonna have to close your lips a little more nice and that’s all there is to it so if you like this trick tutorial make sure to subscribe down below to stay tuned for more videos in the future if you have any questions about doing the ghost make sure to comment down below and I will reply I also have a Facebook page where I post extra content so make sure to visit that in the description below til next time you [Music]

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