A search engine is a website which helps people to search for information on the internet.The most used search engines are Google, alexis fawx Yahoo!, and MSN Search. But there a lot of search engines which have unique capabilities and search options. Here a few not so popular search engines.

Skyscanner: It's metasearch engine and it's holding a top position in flight search engine.

The website is owned by Chinese and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This website serves with over 30 languages due to the vast range of languages user from all over the world can interact on the website, over 60 million users come on the website per month.

The company was formed in 2001 but came into existence in 2004. Skyscanner serves the user with the cheapest flight tickets, ej ru having so many users all over the world makes them the largest travel website in China. The website provides a news section which helps the user to gain knowledge about the latest news regarding the travel and tips for consumers during the trip.

TinEye: alexis fawx It's a reverse image search engine developed and offered by Idee. inc. It helps the users to search for an image not by the keywords but by image identification technology. When a user submits an image TinEye search for the images by generating a fingerprint for the image submitted.

TinyEye was founded in 1999 but launched its services on 6th May 2008. It's the first image search engine which works on image identification. It helps the user to get images as per their sort: worst image, best image, smallest image, and biggest images, providing such wide option to user brings up a great number of user on this search engine.

Iconfinder: Iconfinder is a company whose main product is a search engine for icons. It helps the users to find the icon for their file. Iconfinder was founded in 2007 and when it was first launched it didn't work so well but when it was relaunched in 2009 it was the largest icon search engine, over 2 million unique users come to Iconfinder every month.This company is based in Denmark.

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OpensSeSaFi: OpenSeSafi is a digital platform to discover and trade etfs, mutual funds, and other investment options. Visit the website to choose the best investment options. It's a search engine which makes the searches on investment and ETF, It provides the user with a vast list of company user can invest in. OpensSeSafi is a US based company and guides the user with the desired results, this is good for the people who are confused as to where to invest and in which stocks.

DuckDuckGO: It's a search engine based in Greater Philadelphia. It's unique from other search engines as it supports the privacy of the user and not the personal user information. Its great advantage is that it shows all users the same result from over 400 individual resources.

It's a search engine for those users who don't want their IP address to be stored on the web. It was launched in 2008 and dog duck it had 36,827,098 daily searches every day. DuckDuckGo main motive is to provide the user with the best results and not most results, it aims to give the user the information which is to the point.

Jay Vikash Mehta Photo OpenSeSafi is a digital platform to discover and trade etfs, mutual funds, and other .