And these voice assistants currently have limited responses to (and no way to remove themselves from) sexual harassment or other inappropriate situations. For the authors, the same concerns apply to sex dolls like Harmony, who have no ability to give or deny consent. 

Voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri default to a woman’s voice who is always there to answer questions or perform a task, such as turning on the lights or adjusting the thermostat. Other analyses in The Smart Wife paint an even bleaker picture, when you move to voice assistants and companion bots, in particular.

Maquette gives a fresh take on the classic love story and its accompanying challenges.

It’s well and truly Summer, the sun is (hopefully) shining and we are ready for both brand new and classic movies and shows to land on Hulu. 

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Welcome to July!

More abilities for each character become unlockable as you progress and earn ability points. Each move has its own advantages and a cooldown, so using them in a certain order can help take down enemies faster. There are even environmental attacks Star-Lord can order, such as Drax throwing explosive barrels or Gamora cutting heavy boxes hanging above enemies. 

Strategy kicks in when the other Guardians enter the fray. Each has their own special attacks. Rocket can shoot explosives, Drax can charge into enemies, Gamora can do big sweeping attacks with her sword and Groot can root enemies to keep them in place.

If you need something smaller, there are starter houses like the Fold & Go from Melissa & Doug or the Maileg Castle. If you’re looking for something less frilly, Playmobil’s Ghostbusters Firehouse or a cool KidKraft pirate getaway might fit the bill. If you prefer a more subdued, natural-looking dollhouse, there are wood ones from Hape and Hearth & Hand. From toddlers to preteens, you can find the right dollhouse for any age right here. If you’re the type of parent to go all-in on trendy

In the final chapter, titled The Smart Wife Reboot, Strengers and Kennedy offer up nine ways to make smart wives better for everyone. It’s an overwhelming list and they admit as much, covering everything from the need to diversify hiring and change how these products are marketed and talked about — to some more complex asks, such as building devices capable of speaking up for themselves when threatened. 

sex doll hangout continues to top lists. The Nintendo Switch is still the big gift that everyone wants (and can actually get, unlike the Xbox Series X and PS5). Surprise toys are still hot right now, and the most-sought after ones, like Present Pets and The Animal Truck, even unbox themselves. The cute Baby Yoda remains wildly popular, and the latest L.O.L. Read on to discover all the top toys for kids — including plenty of gift guide choices available for $25 or less.

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