Avon moved to another province last September but Avon for some reason loves calling me every single day to the point that I frankly get really annoyed. Avon began calling me more names and said that I was immature and taking his joke too seriously. I put him on speakerphone and let Avon and Sherry talk (for the first time) since I was tired of talking to him; they ended up exchanging contacts and talked through text and call with each other privately afterwards. I was crying and couldn’t believe he thinks it’s funny to call me masculine and unattractive. Fast forward to Thursday of the same week, Vincent also sends me a text out of the blue (it’s been two weeks since we talked) and asked if I wanted to say hi to him after school. He confessed that he did too, but he doesn’t feel that strongly anymore about me (and is unsure if it’s just increasing feelings of friendship or romantic feelings) and wouldn’t want to start anything long distance.

He was always my go-to person when I had family issues or other peer-related problems but I didn’t want to depend on him in case something weird occurs between us again (since he is too shy to say no to me seeking him out for help). I was also recently dealing with some harsh family arguments (the regular stuff you argue about with overprotective, traditional parents who want to decide your future for you, that was getting progressively worse and more heated esp after college application season – they didn’t say anything when I applied to 19 schools but after applying, they told me I could only go to the one in my city or not go at all) and none of my friends wanted to deal with my negativity. Around this time, Live Streaming Porn I finally manage to go to therapy twice (but since my parents monitor my location and what I do afterschool, I was only able to sneak off on two specific occasions – fyi they’re against the idea of me “needing therapy” bc they don’t believe in mental health as a “health issue”). I also was a bit taken aback that he wanted to “hangout” afterschool (under the pretext that he wants to get to know me more) at his house but I thought his parents would at least be at home.

I honestly became so upset learning this (while justifying in my head it happened a long time ago and that he’s probably changed) and I was also feeling a bit angry that Vincent was asking out another girl (even though I wasn’t in a relationship with him, perhaps it was the fact that he shifted his attention to sb new? Idk, ig I’m just entitled) that I thought I would feel less terrible about myself and my body if I did the same thing as he did. Trabert had been in a relationship with Lindholm too. Over the break, I had gone through my fb contacts to see if I knew everyone on there; I saw a guy named Vincent and just sent him a message to check who he was. We had a few exchanges here and there and after finding out he goes to our school, I half-joked to my close friend that I’d distract myself from the situation with Ian by going after this random guy I haven’t even met IRL but seemed pretty cute and polite. I didn’t know where to fit this piece of info in but Avon (17M) is a mutual friend of Ian and mine (Avon and Ian both attended the club meetings that I and Josh hosted last year).

Avon felt ganged up by the two of us but he privately texted Sherry that “it was seriously a joke. On my way back home I was in tears for a full two hours and during this exact same day, a pilot (24M) I met last summer calls me and makes some suggestions that we hookup (which weren’t all that blatantly bad, but I felt very violated bc I had just been crying about the thing with stranger and I also felt like it was age inappropriate for him to do that). The truth is that large websites that feature thousands of unbelievably beautiful Russian women, costly internet correspondence, web-chat, phone calls and socials are lying to you. There are numerous websites which facilitate the wallpapers of all major categories. He then brought up that this girl and other people always misjudge him and his friend, Vincent, to be fuckboys, but he said that people simply don’t understand them well enough (I was a bit taken aback Arnold and Vincent knew each other but at the time, I just said “oh you guys are friends? Huh” and half-joked that I thought his friend was cute). I said sure, go there to greet him, and was surprised to find Arnold standing beside him (internally I felt the situation was a bit awkward since I thought Arnold didn’t know I was into Vincent and Vincent didn’t know Arnold asked to hookup).

Jacqueline started crying, Ian had tears in his eyes, and I thought “there’s no way I’m going to well up here”, and I did. I was in a very gloomy state and was either always crying myself to sleep or acting I’m fine in school then to have some sudden breakdowns about what happened with Ian to my girlfriends in school. My girlfriends became sick and tired of me repeatedly complaining and crying about the same situation for a week or two nonstop, so I tried to avoid it by talking to them less for fear I was annoying them. I cried for one week straight and had a hard time sleeping for two weeks. One such site is pinup casinos. It’s one of the singer’s most iconic music videos. I have three adult married kids and the whole bunch (6 young persons) is very highly educated especially technically ( university level ) – but none of them makes videos or takes photographs with a camera. He then messages me about all the details of his first and second date and proceeds to tell me about him falling in love with a stranger he met on the subway but then wanting to marry a long time friend who moved to Denmark and a bunch of unnecessary details about his love life).

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