Training and education to become an animal groomer.
CTM (Technical Certificate in Craft) for nationally accredited and professional grooming of dogs, cats and NAC (rabbits, rats, etc.) prepared through an apprenticeship. This is a diploma equivalent to CAP level and validates the theoretical and practical training (approximately 6 months) that prepares for an apprenticeship or specialization contract. To access this training, you must have a level equivalent to the end of grade 8 and find a suitable training center. Then, to convert into a professional environment, you must find and sign a professional contract with an employer.
The scope of practice of a pet groomer.
Animal groomers typically work in slaughterhouses, often as independent contractors to ensure the welfare of the animals. They may also work in large pet store chains.

Animal groomers clean, comb and cut animal hair according to established standards or according to client requests. They use appropriate anti-parasitic or anti-lice shampoos and products for each situation In addition, they ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the equipment and barbershop (grooming tables, combs, towels, bathtubs, scissors, gloves, etc.). Pet groomers also meet with clients, prepare documents, and answer phones.

These professionals also sell cosmetic products, food (dog food), and accessories. After the grooming session, they give the owners advice on how to care for their dog’s coat. They can also offer to sell grooming products, hygienic products and accessories for dogs and cats (collars, clippers, hair dryers, toys, leashes, combs, gaiters, combs, etc.).

If working independently, pet groomers must also handle accounting, complete necessary administrative formalities, manage inventory, and place orders.
Why use the services of a pet groomer?
Caring for your pet is very important for the appearance and health of your beloved pet. However, performing these tasks at home can be difficult, which is why you should consider the benefits of professional pet grooming:

  • Caring healthily
  • Cuts nails without problems
  • Professional haircut
  • Appropriate maintenance equipment
  • Nice massage
  • Early detection
  • Parasite detection
  • Valuable consultation

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